Advanced audio-controlled oscillator


The ACO160 is a new and improved version of the ACO100 Audio-Controlled Oscillator which was used on Sonicsmith’s first audio-controlled synthesizer products, the ConVertor and the Squaver P1.  The improvements include:

  1. Sine wave outs
  2. Harmony tunable over every note on the 12-note equal tempered chromatic scale over +/-2 octaves
  3. Oscillator sync
  4. Improved envelope out with zero ripple even for very low input frequencies
  5. “Pitch freeze” feature added when gate drops to address the well-known pitch dropping problem when notes decay (“pitch freeze” can also be user-controllable)
  6. Support for one-audio-cycle-latency MIDI out with an added microcontroller

See the ACO160 chip pinout, a simplified block diagram of the chip and a layout drawing with block descriptions below.

The full datasheet for the ACO160 is available here.  Contact us for more information.