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The UniSyn is the best standalone audio to synth solution out there today.  It converts your monophonic audio to synth waves (sine, square, or sawtooth), pitch/env/gate CVs to control analog synths, or MIDI.

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I am happy to report that I have finalized the re-design of my DACO160EVK with a more ergonomic layout, extra features, and — best of all — in a sturdy aluminum enclosure!  This will be a consumer product which I have named the UniSyn, short for Universal Audio to Synth Interface.

The UniSyn employs the same pitch and envelope tracking technology of its prototype predecessor, converting audio from any monophonic source to CV and MIDI.  The UniSyn also creates a dedicated sine wave as well as filtered square or sawtooth waves which can be optionally pitch-shifted over a +/-2 octave range with semitone resolution.

The new  UniSyn features include a +24v phantom power option, an automatic gain control (AGC) to eliminate the trouble of tuning the input preamp gain, optional 3:1 compression in the front end, a sustain pedal input, and firmware upgrade capability via SD card.

User’s manual available here.  Now shipping!

NEW:  Alternative Firmware Options:

Original Firmware

Harmony restricted to octaves and perfect fifths

Just Intonation Harmonies

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8 reviews for UniSyn

  1. Jathan Gurr (verified owner)

    First off, I am huge fan of Brian’s game changing work in the field of audio driven synthesis. I am a disabled musician who can’t make music with my hands and for the last decade I have been experimenting with every pitch to MIDI, supposedly pitch tracking synthesizer, and guitar synthesizer on the planet and not a single product I tested has gotten anywhere near the supernatural tracking of the UniSyn!

    Additionally it’s built like a beast, with a sturdy and sleek enclosure that looks right at home next to a modular rig.

    It’s upgradable which is insanely awesome because Brian’s work keeps evolving and even though this is the pinnacle of audio synthesis technology, it’s nice to know that it will have expanded features in the future if technology catches up to where Brian is.

    I’m particularly interested in how the UniSyn is going to interact with the new MIDI 2.0 standard that is reportedly capable of a higher resolution than the earlier iteration.

    As far as performance goes, it tracks my voice with more nuance and articulation than I ever dreamed possible. It’s literally like singing through a synthesizer!

    I so wish this thing had been around a decade ago, but it’s truly one of those groundbreaking products that everyone should give a try if you can!

  2. Dan The¡Labs CH (verified owner)

    Great and highly creative Product. I use it from an El. Guitar to perform analog synths. 1st check w/ Nord lead + TD-3 via midi, plus sustain, env out). With the use of SPL Transient designer & active DI you can improve the attack of the Unisyn, it responds quicker, cleaner means faster. Very happy with it, in combination w/ vintage amps as an extra it sounds perfect. You can create some Prodigy electronic kind of guitar riffs or funky stuff with it. Been working with Roland GR-09/30 live and studio for 30 yrs. – but UniSyn responds quicker and more natural. But of course it takes some extra guitar skills/techniques for one-note riffs. Thanks for the invention of the UniSyn ! I hope the UniSyn knobs will survive trough the years coming. Greets from a happy user 😉

  3. Rupert chappelle

    I use the UniSyn to drive a Korg Odyssey module with a Harrison Instruments Model 302 Theremin. I am delighted with the results. Fast and accurate tracking of hand movements. It works!


  4. Leo Solter

    The Unisyn is really a pleasure to use. For those who are interested in an in depth review- I wrote a review for the Amazona magazine which is linked below. It is in german language so you might want to use translator app. https://www.amazona.de/test-second-sound-unisyn-audio-zu-midi-cv-synthesizer/

  5. Igor

    Great idea and better implemented than I have ever tested similar devices or software. Almost zero latency and stable response, which is very important for a musician, especially in cv territory, the possibilities are endless! But midi is magical too. Many thanks to the author for promoting such a direction, completely forgotten by everyone, undeservedly and mediocre.

  6. Christian (verified owner)

    This is one of the greatest pieces of gear I have even owned. I am a bass player and love to experiment with different gear to fit the groups I am apart of. The Unisyn tracks amazingly and allows me to control my Moog Minitaur. Thank you Brain for creating a one of a kind product. Looking forward to making music with my Unisyn for many years.

  7. Chuck Copenace

    So far I’m pretty amazed at how well this is working. The tracking of the waves to my trumpet lines is working flawlessly, even with faster melodies. I still haven’t used the midi function yet, but it’s exciting to be able to continue with the experimentation.it soudns great with hooked up to a simple clip mic and then to a delay/reverb pedal.

  8. Hamish Macraven

    I’ve tried so many audio to synth hardware and software solutions and the Second Sound Unisyn is the gold standard. You sing into it as expressively as you want and magically you are singing through a synth that captures all of the nuance you put into it! The other solutions I tried especially, the pitch to midi ones had so much latency as to make them barely usable and tracking wasn’t anywhere near what the Unisyn is capable of. I can’t hear any latency with my Unisyn and the tracking is dead on every-time. Plus the synth just sounds good on it’s own, in a nice analog way.

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