The new revolution
in synthesized sound

Introducing the world's best audio-to-synth technology.

Shape your sound.

Have you ever wanted to play piano notes by singing with your voice? Or use your bass guitar to control an Avalon Bassline, microKORG, or even vintage analog synths like the Arp Odyssey, Sequential Circuits Pro One, or countless others?  Now it is possible with our exceptional transient response and latency low enough for live performance.

Fastest audio-to-synth on the market

If you are an analog synth maker, from DIY to professional, you can benefit from the patented lightning-speed frequency-tracking technology of our ACO160 chip.  It gives you the modular trifecta of exponential pitch, zero-ripple envelope and gate CV outputs, three waves (square, sawtooth and our unbelievably pure sine wave), plus several other analog synth goodies.

Combine with a microcontroller

Because our ACO160 chip converts audio to CV so quickly, it can be seamlessly integrated into a full audio-to-MIDI system with only an additional microcontroller plus some support components.  The frequency part of the audio-to-MIDI conversion is fully digital, avoiding the necessity of a high-resolution ADC.

Works with ANY instrument!

The ACO160 chip features 8 “rate” settings which can be tuned to give optimum tracking performance depending on the instrument.  For guitar (yes, even bass guitar!) and voice, use a fast rate setting for punchy transient behavior and super-fast dynamics; for bowed strings and other harmonic-rich sources, use a slower rate setting to avoid tracking to the second and/or higher harmonics.


I always felt that sample based synthesis was not that intelligent… sampling is like only listening to what people say, not what they mean.
Lawrence Ball
The best thing for me really is that, whatever you end up controlling with the ACO, it feels like your instrument.
Maxime Graf
Professional Bass Guitarist
And then came the time that people played the violin, but it sounded as a synth!
Charalampos Paritsis
Violinist, Chaostar and Lusty Apricot
Your chip is the answer to years of search for me! I’m also happy that you’ve been receptive to my feedback. So few builders run their products by the artists they are building them for to see what they actually need!
Stewart Cole
Studio musician (trumpet, keyboards, synths) and member of the band Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros