Second Sound is the owner of the technology behind Sonicsmith’s famous audio-controlled synthesizers, the ConVertor+ and Squaver P1+.  Now Second Sound is developing a new improved audio-controlled oscillator chip, the ACO160, which will bring frequency-tracking synthesizers to a level of performance most have only dreamed of.

Our new ACO160 chips will have three waveforms to choose from:  square, sawtooth, and unbelievably pure sine.  They will also have a harmony CV input which can offset the frequency-tracked oscillators over a +/-2 octave range on a 12-tone equal-tempered scale (sorry, just intonation fans!), a hard sync input for those robotic 80’s sounds, a zero-ripple yet fast envelope follower unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard, and eight harmonic rejection settings to tune performance for fast attack and decay sources like bass guitar or harmonic-rich sources like bowed violin.

And as if that weren’t enough, the new ACO160 chip will contain hooks to convert audio directly to MIDI with only an additional microcontroller needed to generate the MIDI commands.  So soon you’ll be able to control all of your DIGITAL instruments in real time using any audio source.  Music trends come and go, but we believe there’s never been a more exciting time to be a musician as this technology rolls out!

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