Introducing the UniSyn!

Greetings Second Sound Fans, Demo Artists, Current and Future Customers! I am happy to report that I have finalized the re-design of my DACO160EVK with a more ergonomic layout, extra features, and — best of all — in a sturdy aluminum enclosure!  This will be a consumer product which I have tentatively named the UniSyn, […]

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Second Sound Award Announcement

Hello All! We’re very pleased to report that Second Sound has been given an award by Corporate LiveWire for Innovation and Excellence in the Specialist Music Technology category in 2020. We wouldn’t feel deserving of such a distinction were it not for the fact that we are constantly listening to customer feedback and improving our […]

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Introducing the DACO (Digital Audio-Controlled Oscillator)!


Greetings Second Sound Fans, Customers, Demo Artists, Lurkers! Some of you already know that I’ve been working on a new incarnation of the audio-to-synth technology which will improve performance and reliability compared to the ACO160EVK prototypes that are out there already.  I wanted to wait until these new prototypes look promising before making an official […]

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AES 2019 Paper on ACO160 Audio-to-Synth Chip

AES 2019 Dublin

Greetings audio to synth enthusiasts! It was a huge honor to present my academic paper on the ACO160, “A Custom Integrated Circuit Based Audio-to-CV and Audio-to-MIDI Solution,” at the 146th AES Pro Audio Convention in Dublin.  The paper presentation went very well:  It was clear that the topic was of interest to most of the people […]

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ACO160 and ACO160EVK Developments

ACO160 Evaluation Kit

Greetings fellow audio to synth enthusiasts! Some of you are already aware that the ACO160 chips were first powered on only about two weeks before the first day of NAMM in January, and the firmware for converting the pitch information to MIDI was working only the day before the show opened.  You can imagine how […]

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2019 NAMM Updates

Text, videos and images from 2019 NAMM Thursday, January 24 We arrived at 8:00am to set up our booth.  Bassist Nathan Navarro arrived as planned at 8:15 to help us test bass to analog synth and bass to MIDI.  Here are two videos showing the amazing bass to MIDI performance: Later in the day, […]

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