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The UniSyn is the best standalone audio to synth solution out there today.  It converts your monophonic audio to synth waves (sine, square, or sawtooth), pitch/env/gate CVs to control analog synths, or MIDI.

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I am happy to report that I have finalized the re-design of my DACO160EVK with a more ergonomic layout, extra features, and — best of all — in a sturdy aluminum enclosure!  This will be a consumer product which I have named the UniSyn, short for Universal Audio to Synth Interface.

The UniSyn employs the same pitch and envelope tracking technology of its prototype predecessor, converting audio from any monophonic source to CV and MIDI.  The UniSyn also creates a dedicated sine wave as well as filtered square or sawtooth waves which can be optionally pitch-shifted over a +/-2 octave range with semitone resolution.

The new  UniSyn features include a +24v phantom power option, an automatic gain control (AGC) to eliminate the trouble of tuning the input preamp gain, optional 3:1 compression in the front end, a sustain pedal input, and firmware upgrade capability via SD card.

User’s manual available here.  Now accepting pre-orders!  Shipping expected in early March 2021.

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